The short story of Jodapro

This story started with several chance meetings

For the founder of Jodacare, her journey started when her mother got Dementia and could no longer cope alone at home. Kristil Erla Håland then developed a solution for cooperation between her as a relative and the healthcare personel who helped her mother.

Because of her commitment and entrepreneurial company, Kristil was invited by Ivanka Trump to join the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad, India, in the autumn of 2017. There she met a person who brought a completely newly developed camera to wear on his head. The two worked with two Indian doctors to see if they could create a system to help people who live far from the hospital in India. Although the plan was good, it did not quite work; when the four returned home to their respective parts of the world after the meeting in India, it was challenging to continue the dialogue.

Kristil bought a camera and was the first in Norway to have this equipment, and she took it with her to a workshop in Hamar in the spring of 2018, where she met anesthesiologist Lars Olav Fjose. Dr. Fjose had a challenge that he needed help with. In his job as an anesthetist, he was often asked for help from paramedics when they needed help and guidance; he also worked in the air ambulance and traveled by helicopter to patients when necessary. BUT Dr. Fjose had experienced several times that when he arrived at the patient, after consulting with the paramedics on site, he discovered that this patient could have received good enough help without a helicopter ride. SUPPOSE HE HAD ONLY SEEN THE PATIENT FIRST. Therefore, he wanted paramedics to have some form of glasses that filmed the patient so he could see from the helicopter base.

Dr. Fjose got to see and try the head camera Kristil had with her and found out that this was something to test out.

From 2018 to 2022, Sykehuset Innlandet's innovation department, together with doctors and paramedics, worked to develop the service that is currently in use. As a result, Jodapro was founded as a company in the autumn of 2019 due to the hospital's need to create safe and legal software in Norway.