Bliksund integrates videostream in the ePCR solution

Through a collaboration in the EU funded PreVis project "Prehospital video collaboration", Bliksund and the Danish live stream company Incendium saw how the solutions complemented  each other. It also matched a growing demand for live vide

It also matched a growing demand for live video transmission in the ambulance service. As the solutions complemented each other, Bliksund acquired Incendium to further develop the solution to respond to the growing demand. Together with The Innlandet Hospital Trust they have now developed a solution with integrated video stream in Bliksund EWA.

With the acquisition of incendium, Bliksund now has a leading position in video for emergency services in the Nordics. The company's solution, IncidentShare, is a user-friendly and intuitive solution for sharing video for better situational awareness, easier coordination and resource allocation, and faster evaluation and training. The service supports streaming video from mobile phones, drones, cars, bodycams and other IoT devices. For example, Emergency medical dispatch operator can quickly and securely obtain and receive video from callers.

The video stream solution which was developed during the PreVis project has fixed cameras in the ambulance. It is linked to the tablet that ambulance workers use to handle the electronic patient care record. EWA also consists of a live-view screen that is seen used by emergency departments or emergency rooms. This provides support for better decision-making and enables ambulance personnel to confer with a doctor or other medical personnel who can see video of the patient in the ambulance, getting vital parameters and other measurements in real time. Currently, a video room connected to the Norwegian Health Network is used, but this can be changed if necessary.

Bliksund just recently won the national municipal cooperation for the 110 centers IKS (NKS110) tender for the procurement of video solutions for all 110 centers and the fire service in Norway.