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PreViS-II: Revolutionizing Prehospital Care with Advanced Video Technology
PreViS 2 (Prehosp​​ital video in collaboration​ 2) is an ambitious project aimed at transforming prehospital care through advanced video technology. Led by PICTA (Prehospital Innovation arena) in Sweden and Innlandet Hospital Trust in Norway. This project seeks to create a triple-helix environment fostering long-term development of a comprehensive prehospital value chain. By integrating video technology as decision support, exploring innovative solutions, and extending the use of video in emergency services, PreViS 2 aims to enhance patient care and emergency response across borders. This article delves into the project's objectives, achievements, and potential impact. 11. November 2023 Project Peder Stokke
Video used in emergency calls over 150,000 times in Norway
Emergency and medical centers across large parts of Norway have implemented video streaming from callers' mobile phones. So far, the solution has facilitated well over 150,000 video transmissions. 02. September 2023 News Rolf Magnus W. Sæther
Drones have a wide range of applications in healthcare
Drones have a wide range of applications in healthcare. Here are some use cases for drones in the healthcare industry 19. August 2023 News Peder Stokke
Bliksund integrates videostream in the ePCR solution
Through a collaboration in the EU funded PreVis project "Prehospital video collaboration", Bliksund and the Danish live stream company Incendium saw how the solutions complemented  each other. It also matched a growing demand for live vide 14. November 2022 Project Geir Steen-Tveit
Knowledgebase for Prehospital video
PICTA has buildt a knowledgebase for Prehospital video. A collection of reseach and articles on this subject. 23. October 2022 Knowledge Alexandra Johansson
The short story of Jodapro
This story started with several chance meetings 22. October 2022 Project Kristil Håland
Video in the healthcare system - an illustrated documentation
Video has been part of the Norwegian healthcare system since 1989. Development has been very slow until 2020. During the last 2 years there has been an explosion in the use of video as communication in the healthcare system, but there has still not been active work on uncovering all possibilities, until now. 22. October 2022 Project Peder Stokke
We like you to join us in finding the best criteria for video solutions
Which criteria do you think should be included in the selection of video solutions in pre-hospital services? 19. September 2022 Questions Peder Stokke
Digital interaction in the patient process - Prehospital decision support
The "Digital interaction in the patient process" project delveoped a mobile solution with using industry standard equipment. This is now implemented in the Prehospital division of Innlandet Hospital Trust. Where the Paramedic use it in contact with specialists at the hospital. 11. September 2022 Project Peder Stokke